Magazine Subscription Updates

//Magazine Subscription Updates

Magazine Subscription Updates

Magazines are changing daily, and as a reader or librarian it is hard to keep up! Some magazines merge with others, titles change, frequency of issues fluctuates, and some publications cease without much notice. At Magazine Subscriptions PTP, we do our best to keep you abreast of the daily changes. 

Every quarter we will post any changes that we have received from our publications. Below are some recent changes we wanted to note. 

  • Bazoof – changing from 6 issues to 4 beginning Nov ’17. Issues will now be released in November, February, May, and August. All pre-existing subscriptions will serve the number of issues that were ordered. They also have a digital magazine, Abajub!.
  • Be Your Own Magazine – currently ceased until further notice.
  • Bon Appetit – moving from 11 issues to 10.
  • Circle Track – ceasing with Mar ’18 issue and fulfilling with Hot Rod.
  • Craft Ideas – ceased.
  • Dirt Sports + Off Road – ceasing with the Mar ’18 issue and fulfilling with Four Wheel/Off Road.
  • Disney Frozen – ceased.
  • Drawing Magazine – ceased, fulfilling with Artist’s Magazine.
  • European Car – ceasing with the Jan/Feb ’18 issue and fulfilling with Automobile.
  • GQ, Glamour, Allure and Architectural Digest – they will all go from 12 issues to 11.
  • Marvel – Marvel Universe titles will cease. They will fulfill with any other title they offer.
  • Men of Integrity – ceased, fulfilling with Christianity Today.
  • People Style Watch – ceasing with the Dec/Jan ’18 issue. It might be changing to an occasional insert in People Weekly. 
  • Quick & Easy Crochet – ceased.
  • Roadkill – ceasing with their last issue in Winter ’17 and fulfilling with Hot Rod. 
  • Slam – changed their frequency from 10 issues to 6.
  • Teen Vogue – last print issue is Dec/Jan ’18 but will continue with a digital issue.
  • VeloNews – changing from 12 issues to 10 issues.
  • W and Conde Nast Traveler – moving from 10 issues to 8.

If you have further questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-733-5470 or email us at If you see that one of your favorite magazines is ceasing, let us help you find something similar. We would be glad to assist!

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