Top Magazines from 2017

//Top Magazines from 2017

Top Magazines from 2017

We want to thank you for making 2017 a great year for Magazine Subscriptions PTP! Thousands of magazines were sent out and we worked diligently to make sure you never missed a copy. As we closed the books on 2017, we took a look at some of our top sellers and wanted to share this with you. This report was generated from a sample of our sales to school libraries, ranking our top 10 selling magazines. Congratulations to the following titles!

1. Sports Illustrated for Kids – Recommended for ages 8-20, this magazine gives kids a front row ticket to reading fun! It includes profiles of major sports stars, action photos,
great games, and lively writing for kids.
2. National Geographic for Kids – This award-winning magazine features great stories on animals, science, technology, and awesome accomplishments of kids around the world.
3. Ranger Rick – Recommended for ages 7+, this magazine offers feature articles and
activities to spark interest in the outdoors and encourages kids to become more actively involved in the environment.
4. Boy’s Life – This magazine deals with scouting, sports, science, careers, health,
fashion, fiction, video games and electronics.
5. American Girl – An appropriate alternative to teen magazines, this magazine
provides colorful illustrations and photography, award winning fiction, lively non-
fiction, games, parties, crafts, and girl-to- girl advice.
6. Zoo Books – Each issue explores the anatomy, habitat, socialization, and ecological
role of a single animal or animal group in a vibrant, easy-to- understand way.
7. Sports Illustrated – This magazine takes you inside the world of sports like no other magazine can – with vivid reports from the sidelines, personal interviews with the
athletes, and of course the spectacular, award winning photography that puts you right
in the middle of the action.
8. National Geographic – Month after month after the world-famous National
Geographic reveals the beauty and rich variety of the universe in a brilliant blend of
photography and text.
9. Seventeen – a popular magazine among teenage girls, each issue is filled with articles on fashion, style, beauty, relationships, guys, college, celebrities and more.
10. Time – This iconic magazine delivers the breaking news, the story behind the
headlines, and the thoughtful analysis that helps us all make sense of the events that
shape our lives.

As you plan for 2018, I hope this report helps you see what kids are reading the most.
Remember, we have hundreds of other titles available to school-aged kids and we would be more than happy to compile a list for you!

Keep encouraging our younger generation to read. We are here cheering you on and willing to support in any way we can.

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